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Lesson Plan

Infrastructure: Increasing Civic Engagement

Levels: High School, Home School, Middle School

Unit: A Call to Action, Civic Education Skills, Congress and the Legislative Process, The Political Process, Talking Turkey: Dinner Table Discussions

Throughout American history citizens have had to engage in discussions about how best to manage a growing country. Using the skills of discourse, debate and compromise past generations did what they thought best to keep the economy, political structure, and society connected. Of course what was needed in 1790, 1890 and even 1990 isn’t what is needed in the 21st century. Much has changed since the American System, the United States’ first infrastructure push, was instituted following the War of 1812. This lesson asks students to examine changes in American society from political, economic and social viewpoints and debate how infrastructure is defined and financed as a result of those changes. Students will then use the skills of discourse and compromise to propose necessary infrastructure spending for their state and communicate those ideas to their Congressional representatives. This lesson is a companion lesson to Talking Turkey: Taking the ‘Dis Out of Civil Discourse

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